I haven’t posted about the federal police incursion into Portland, mostly because I assumed everyone was already following it with the same horror I was. But it turns out that may not true. So, a quick update:

1. Yes, federal officers in camouflage, with and without agency identification, are detaining and whisking people off from the Portland protests in unmarked rental cars. This isn’t a conspiracy theory; everyone involved from the President on down has acknowledged it.

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Whose Streets

When it comes to the protests sweeping the country, including in Asheville, I try to follow advice I’ve heard a hundred times from black leaders over the years: “If you want to be an ally, your job is to support and signal boost black voices. Platforms created by black voices are there to highlight police brutality and to advocate for justice and accountability. This is not your movement. You can be in it as a team player but you can’t own it.” It can be hard for a well-meaning white person not to co-opt, take space, escalate, tone-police and assume leadership, but that’s my work. And it’s not as hard as being beaten, shot, strangled or imprisoned, so I guess I’ll survive it.

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