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Rich Lee: Ashevillian, Peace Corps Volunteer, Parent, Activist for Asheville City Council 2020

Rich Lee for Asheville City Council climbing tree
Rich, his wife Lindsay, and their four children.

About Rich Lee

I moved to WNC as a teenager in 1997. It’s been my home ever since. I served in the Peace Corps in rural farming communities in Jordan. I met my wife in Asheville. We live in Haw Creek with our four kids and our dogs and chickens. As a community activist I’ve helped expand our bus system, fix broken streets, and build greenways and sidewalks. I’d like to accomplish more for all of us as a member of Asheville City Council. – Rich Lee

Rich attended Western Carolina University, earning undergraduate degrees in Spanish and English and a Master’s in English. While serving in the Peace Corps, Rich became fluent in Arabic. In addition to volunteering, Rich enjoys spending his time hiking and playing music.

Rich’s Volunteerism and Leadership in Asheville

Asheville is vibrant. Each of us shows up in many ways privately and publicly. We show up for our families, friends, faith groups, and neighbors. We show up to support causes and organizations. We celebrate and we protest. Below is a list of some of the formal, public ways I’ve shown up in service to making Asheville more livable, connected, and sustainable for everyone. I hope to connect with you soon in a meeting, at an event, or on the streets.

Asheville Community Boards, Commissions, Organizations

Asheville Multimodal Transportation Commission – (Chair 2017-present). This has been a meaningful way to push for social and environmental justice. We’ve increased the number and frequency of bus routes, and more.

Buncombe County Democratic Party – (Treasurer 2019-present)

Green Opportunities – (Board 2018-19).

Asheville Greenway Committee – (Vice Chair until 2017). Greenways connect neighbors to neighbors and offer recreation. Our greenways could connect people throughout the city.

Blue Ridge Group Homes – (Treasurer until 2017). Group homes exist to provide safe, supportive housing for people with special needs. I was honored to support this work.

East West Asheville Neighborhood Association – (Board 2014-16). This neighborhood is one of many facing the gentrification and drastic change.

Buncombe County Triad (Chair 2014-2016). Protecting our community’s senior citizens and supporting their quality of life.

Land of Sky Senior Volunteer Services Advisory Committee (2015-2018).

Vision Zero Task Force (2018). To reduce pedestrian, cyclist, and driver deaths.

Asheville In Motion Implementation Task Force (2018).

Coalition of Asheville Neighborhoods (2014-2017). Every neighborhood in Asheville is represented at CAN.

Bountiful Cities Project – (Board in 2013-14). I’ve been interested in gardens and farming for a long time, and farmed during the Peace Corps. In Asheville I’ve focused on food security.

Taking action now on issues facing Asheville

I’m filing as a candidate for Asheville City Council because I believe Asheville ought to be doing better, and I believe we can. I invite everyone to see what we can do together.

Let’s begin with the everyday ways we experience life in our city — our bus system, infrastructure, housing. We can see improvement in these now, even as we plan for a drastically different future. A future in which we see safe, deeply affordable, and equitable neighborhoods and schools for all of us. A future in which we meet our commitments to 100% renewable energy. A future we only reach together.

You can count on me to lead and to amplify the voices of others who rise to lead. Together we can continue the work toward achieving accountability in our government and police department, dismantling systems that feed inequality and climate change, serving and preparing our students, and leveraging hotel taxes to work for the people who serve all those visitors.

Rich Lee for Asheville City Council family with dogs

“We can improve our day-to-day experiences in our city—right now. We can make things better now, even as we plan for a drastically different future.”

Elect Rich Lee to Asheville City Council

Ways to Get Involved

This campaign is a “we” effort, a you-and-I effort, an effort that includes everybody who calls this place home. Join me to see what we can do, together.

Please donate, volunteer, receive our newsletter, our follow the campaign on Facebook.

Mailing address: 520 New Haw Creek Road, Asheville NC 28805

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